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Young Blood - Narrator

Burgered! presents to you our second installment of 'Young Blood'. Each week we have decided to showcase to you rising talent that are smacking the Dance Music scene in the face at the moment and keeping you outta home and on the dancefloor!.
This weeks tray of blood is one of the most eye-brow raising young producers to grace the Australian Club scene. From his humble beginnings as a graphic designer at Wollongong University, Narrator's ex boss understood when he quit the rat race..just not why he had to resign while applying lip gloss and singing
"Girls they wanna have fu-hun.."
Having released his first single through Starfuckers 'House of Fun' label this year featuring big name remixes, Narrator is attracting attention all around australia and the globe, including DIMMAK's TAI who recently just droppped his side project 'Go Freek's (Narrator & Ruslan) remix in his latest mixtape.
We caught up with  Narrator to tell us a story!

So tell us a story.. Where and how did it all begin?

It all started in a little town called coalcliff, the place barely gets sunlight let alone internet reception. so instead of being hooked on msn and myspace, i was hooked on Ableton and FS studio. I was making a really terrible style of music, then after stealing a friends collection of dance music I then found my love and new direction.
Started playing around on friends decks and somewhere amongst that narrator was born!

What inspired you to take that next step and start Djaying? How did u get your first gig?

Well a friends brothers friend was running a night in wollongong.. Bang Gang were playing,
and after a few months of smashing there mixes on my ipod, me and a friend (called heads down thumbs up) had to support! It went well and opened up more sets in the gong.

Who were your biggest influences in dance music? What artists got you and your mates into Dj/Producing?

At the time i was probably just 17/18 and i was absolutely loosing my shit to guys like
boys noize, crookers, sebstiAn, bloody beetroots, justice etc..
But i started to get stuck right into the fidget scene and downloaded as much as possible of the
stuff, the result was having an overwhelming and forever growing library of underground electro.
Only just a few weeks ago i had the job of going through 10,000 tracks and deleting the ones
i probably will never play again. it was hard i realised i was a music hoarder.
i only filtered it down to about 3000 haha..

From your first gig in Cooneys beer garden (now the grand) you gained residencys at Wollongongs Hotspot Onefiveone and now with 77s Starfuckers.
How did that all come about? How did you join the Starfucker Family?

I always loved partying at starfuckers at 77. I used to send them all the music i was making hoping that they would play it there,  one day they did and not long after they told me they want me to play at a new night called 'Mon Ami'! There was like 5 of us from Wollongong with a few others, I got a good set time and played pretty well. a few weeks after they invited me to play on a saturday and ive felt right at home ever since.

You've already released a few originals and remixes, including your first single 'Awesome' out on the Starfuckers 'House Of Fun' Label.  Take us through a Narrator Track Process What helps/motivates you to complete a track?

Well i think the thing for me is the creativity of producing a track, i was always pretty good at art
so for me producing a track from scratch is much like painting a picture on a blank canvas. 
There will be days when i cant get anything good happening, and then theres days when im in form
and i smash something out in a couple of hours.. Ive started doing lessons with a few guys from 
my local area and it makes me realise how quick ive actually gotten at using the programs, 
as soon as i get the rhythm of the drums down the rest just pretty much writes its self, 
these days most the time is spent on actually engineering sounds with plug in instruments 
like Massive.

For the past year or so youve teamed up with Ruslan and recently gave birth to 'Go Freek'
already with a few originals and some remixes released 'Sweat it Out' & 'No Funk Music'.  How did this come about?

Well yeah we realised we worked well together in the studio every week or so, so These days we share projects online aswell, and we realised we were making a pretty big variety range of music,  and we also wanted to start experimenting on stuff like tech house and techno, so the side project 'Go Freek' was born and pretty quickly got a big response from our tracks and releases.  We've had support from a few big artists aswell.

Is there anything your working on atm?

Yeah we're finishing up a Narrator & Ruslan EP which has come along very nicely!
Not sure on the due date yet.., and a whole lot of weird Go Freek projects.. 
Should be alot going up on our soundclouds very soon.

Playing alongside the starfuckers week in and week out must be a pretty wild party.. 
Whats the craziest thing youve seen from behind the decks?

The starfuckers crowd are just fucking wild they party every saturday like its the last day on earth, 
and the outfits they come up with for the themed partys are just bullshit! 
In  wollongong though it was common for a fight to break out, we started bringing rocky raver 
to our sets to play if a fight broke out to lighten up a war torn crowd haha

If you were going for a night out what artists would you wanna go see? What artists are you digging at the moment?

Well Ado Modek and Clouds smashed out the bangers this year.. 
Botnek, TJR, Keith & Supabeatz, Beatuacue, Tommy Trash, are all really hot at the moment..
but guys like. What So Not, benson, tonic and Lkid should be watched closely next year..

Your not a stranger behind the decks, playing at most big events in wollongong and nearly every week at 77.. Whats been your highlight/most memorable gig?

I'd have to say i'll never forget the Starfuckers Grave Rave on halloween.. there wasnt a person in there that was dressed up and 77 was just jammed packed with people pumping out. Best set ive played, best crowd and was  also wearing a clown outfit haha

Whats can we see from Narrator in the near future?

Well im planning on doing a solo EP and ive arranged a few collaborations with artists ive had my eye on.. also want to get in the studio with more vocalists,  i still feel like recording vocals is a total different ball game.

Where can we catch Narrator @ next ?

For the next two weeks, im at the morebank hotel this sunday, then boxing day at Ivy Courtyard Party and then Soho that night for Starfuckers vs Usual suspects.
with a whole lot of stafucker sets these holidays.
Also shout out to my mate nelson and the boys for letting me smash there wi fi to download music haha x

Being the nice bloke that he is NArrator has hooked us up with his latest party bootlegs :) Enjoy!

Walking on An Amp (Narrator Bootleg)

Raven Bump (Narrator Bootleg)

Put That Pussy On Bounce (Narrator Bootleg)

Perfect Rattle (Narrator Bootleg)

Licky Me (Narrator Bootleg)

Check his Single 'AWESOME'

Awesome (Original Mix) - Narrator by Narrator

And 'Go Freek's latest remix released on Ajax's 'Sweat it Out'!

Mushroom Mountain - Little Green Men (Go Freek Remix) (out now on Sweat it out!) by Go Freek

Stay tuned for next weeks new blood splash !


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