Thursday, 10 May 2012

GLAdiator - May/April Period

Strait outta the streets of Los Angeles, CA , up and coming DJ duo gLAdiator have been killing it lately, from bouncy Moombahton to heavy up beat electro are fast becoming one of the front runners in the LA Moombahton scene. With supports from the likes of of Diplo, Sidney Samson, Toddla T, David Heartbreak, Valentino Khan, Bastille, DJ Benzi, Valerna, ETC!ETC!, Aylen & Dillon Francis, this duo is on a warpath, rocking crowds and creating robot sex music.

We caught up with the boys for our first edition of our new monthly post 'Period'! Once a month we will have a special guest mix and interview for you bastards.

Enjoy :)

BB: Alright so first things first, Who is gladiator?

GLA: gladiator is Danl Goodman and Ian Johnson, two strapping young lads from the city of Angels.

BB: Where & how did it all begin for the two of you?

GLA: High School? That's where we met. Ian was a new kid coming into the 9th grade at Oakwood High School and Danl was a volunteer 9th grade buddy. They got randomly paired up and haven't left each others side since. Their families are constantly worried about where the other one is.

BB: What influenced you guys to start DJaying/producing?

GLA: Mashups and the mashup culture. Around Girl Talks "Night Ripper" we started tinkering with the idea of mashups and mixing music. The whole DJing thing kind of exploded from there.

BB: So when and where was your first gig how did it all come about?

GLA: Our first gig was at this small bar near USC called the Nine O. It was a pre-party for HARD LA happening the next week. We actually played before these guys Scorpion Breath and then Gary Richards (Destructo) went on after them. Our good friend Alex Snickers had a friend who was working for Gary and had him suggest us to open. A few phone calls later and there we were, fresh faced and ready for the DJ game.

BB: You guys are becoming bigger and more known in LA now what has been you biggest/favourite gig so far?

GLA: Probably our gig earlier in April at the Avalon. It was our first time on the main stage and that sound system is the shit. All those Moombah-booms were HUGE. Big shouts to Mr White for the opportunity.

BB: Recently just supported guys like Flinch & Harvard Bass, what other big acts/events have you supported at?

GLA: Our favorites are probably Dan Deacon, Chuck Inglish, Betatraxx, DJ GOJ!RA, Munchi and Mr White. Tiesto wants to go back to back with us at some point but we're not really into Trance.

BB: You've experimented with a lot of different genres like Moombahton, Electro, Dubstep etc.
Mainly known for your Moombah tracks what got you into this ? Which artists influenced the craze?

GLA: Dillon Francis and his track "Brazzer's Theme" got us into the genre, before that Ian was really into the early edits but Danl was still a hater. It took an original Moombahton track to put us both on the same page.

BB: Who's your favourite up and coming Moombahton producers, whose been killing it at the moment?

GLA: I think JWLS is probably our collective favorite with guys like Aylen, Cy Kosis, ETC! ETC! and D!RTY AUD!O not far behind.

BB: You guys have been pretty popular in the Hype Machine charts, especially with your remix of Kyoto, tell us what goes on in the studio with you guys where do u get your ideas from what motivates you?

GLA: Well it's a little different for each of us. Sometimes Ian will be meditating in his sauna and just come up with a brilliant hook. Or Danl will be practicing his archery and think of a nice drum loop. Either way, it's start with something small and then grows and grows, like a child but way faster.

BB: Your remix for Melbourne's Butterbox has just been released and is an absolute belter! How did this come about?
Any plans on doing a OZ trip in the near Future?

GLA: We would love to come to Australia, plain and simple. The Butterbox folk very nicely reached out to us and we were happy to take on the job. Now we got Aussies on the brain, particularly your women (and perhaps your beer).

BB: Are you working on anything at the moment and new releases to look out for?

GLA: Let's just say y'all should be preparing yourselves for a Bitch Slap of fat tun age.

BB: And lastly what can we expect from gladiator in the near future?

GLA: More hilarious videos of us at work and probably some music. Actually, definitely music. We think we're gonna keep doing that.

The boys have done a dope as fuck mix for us so check it out and make sure you follow them on Facebook & Soundcloud :)

* Check out these bangers from the duo!


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